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Residential Retreats

What it's all about

A unique programme two days retreat in a country setting, consisting of a series of ground-breaking talks combined with inspired and transformative experiential learning, workshops and discussions all designed to help you experience a deeper sense peace, joy, clarity and discover your authentic sacred self.

Our Programme is based on established wisdom and scientific teachings including Emotional intelligence, Transpersonal, Cognitive, Gestalt and Positive psychology, combined with transformative aspects from the fields of Consciousness studies, Eastern meditation and therapeutic practices.

The Symran programme presents an opportunity to move beyond our self imposed barriers and limitations and instead live life authentically and at one with what inspires us internally, awakening us to our own proper sense of "being".

The Symran programme is based on the seven perennial aspects essential for our transformation towards a harmonious, natural and spontaneous way of being.

The programme introduces techniques and understanding for the cultivation and deepening of each aspect through practice and discussion

  • Identifying "you" & discovering your souls desires
  • Knowing our Mind, calming our Mind - Meditation
  • Ethics, whose ethics & discovering ethical living
  • Recognition of the sacred within & sacred vision
  • Emotional Wisdom & transforming destructives emotions of fear and anger
  • Spiritual Intelligence discovering meaning, wisdom and purpose
  • "Being" - Expression, intention, creativity

The combination of intellectual, emotional and spiritual work provides a holistic approach to resolving life's problems, deepening relationship and finding harmony in life.

The awareness generated during this programme is particularly profound and of long lasting value because it is self-discovered as opposed to being taught.