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The Metta Workshop®

Mindful Self-Compassion Workshop

This workshop combines the latest research in the field of human psychology, health and well being with mindfulness and self-compassion based practices.

Research has shown that self-compassion increases self-esteem, heals emotional trauma and significantly enhances emotional health and wellbeing, in addition to reducing anxiety, stress, harmful emotional states such as anger, guilt, shame, self-criticism and depression.

We all experience compassion in one form or another, normally with close friends, family and even animals. However, very few of us actual realize how much we too need such care, understanding and kindness for our health and well being. The Metta Workshop helps you recognise that as a human being, you, too, are a worthy of kindness and compassion, but more importantly how to cultivate genuine self-compassion towards yourself

What will I learn?

  • The Metta Workshop is grounded in the practice of mindfulness
  • Learn how to cultivate mindfulness and its application in everyday life
  • Learn to recognise harmful emotional states
  • Learn how to stop being so hard on yourself
  • Learn how to handle difficult emotions with stability and ease
  • Transform self-criticism into self- motivation and self-encouragement
  • Transform difficult relationships, both with yourself and other, as well as both old and new
  • Introduction to theory and research behind self-compassion and mindfulness