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Mindfulness & Compassion for Carers®

Mindfulness & Compassion Based Stress Management for Carers (MBSMC)

Manifestation of work based stress, anxiety and anger have become increasing prevalent in society, as have illnesses and diseases related to these psycho-emotional states.

Stress, anxiety and unmanaged anger have all been implicated in the manifestation of illnesses such as diabetes, depression, coronary heart disease and even cancers.

Research by Heartmath have uncovered that 3-5 minutes of anger can impact the body’s immune systems for up to 6 hours.

Work related stress and anxiety within the heath sector not only impacts the individuals experiencing these states, but more importantly has been shown to impact those under care or treatment of individuals under stress.

Managing stressful situation can be challenging, especially for healthcare workers who have responsibility for themselves but more importantly, also for those under their care.

Ongoing stress leads to anxiety. Disorders such as anxiety critically impact quality of life and well being. Health workers and carers are exposed to stressful situation as part of their daily routines. Stress- induced anxiety disorders can quickly develop into more serious and permanent conditions, ranging from depression right through to the development of terminal diseases such as diabetes, coronary heart-conditions and even cancer.

Treating anxiety with traditional combination of psychoactive drugs such as Prozac and others is primarily focused on reducing the symptoms of the conditions and not address its causes, which always begin within the minds of the individuals first. The unfortunately reality of treating symptoms with such chemicals is at, best they don’t work and at worst are toxic, expensive, intrusive and addictive.

Creating, healing and maintaining healthy mindstate

The good news is that over the past two decades volumes of scientific research has categorically demonstrated mindfulness to have greatly helped in reducing anxiety, stress, depression and even managing chronic pain.

Mindfulness is a meditation technique which uses the breath as its focal point to enable individuals to cultivate a “present moment by moment experience in an open and non-judgemental way”. Its help individuals “switch off” the mental and emotional distress, cultivating a sense of inner peace, calmness, strengthen resilience, while increasing self empowerment, self care and a sense of control.

We have developed specific Mindfulness and compassion based programs to unable carer workers to utilize simple techniques and tools to effectively reduce and manage stress and anxiety in situation with patients who can be in states of pain, anxiety, distress and fear.

Our “Mindfulness & Compassion based Stress Management for Carers” is offered as one-day taster programs as well as 8-week certificated program. The 8 week program program focuses on two distinct areas.

  • Cultivating and learning to apply mindfulness (breath and sound based meditation techniques) in reducing of stress, anxiety and fear.
  • Through mindful awareness learning to cultivate self-compassion for oneself and its application in care work.

What does the "Mindfulness & Compassion Based Stress Management Program for Carers" do?

Although the benefits of mindfulness are at many levels including our physical, emotional, mental and sense of self, below you will find the psychological outcomes of our program for participants.

Reduce-decrease Increase
Reduce Stress Self-care
Reduce Anxiety and treat anxiety based disorders Self-esteem
Prevent and/or recovery from mental burnout Self-empowerment
Prevent and/or recovery emotional burnout Resilience
Transform and prevent Depression Self-compassion
Transform anger and resentment Compassion
Transform fears Connectedness
Greater sense of well being
Improve quality of life