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Emotional Intelligence & Self Compassion

What it's all about

These workshops on Emotional Intelligence are specifically designed to help individuals cultivate a wise mind which results in good thoughts, good speech and good actions. (Good meaning non-destructive to self and others in this context).

Our workshops on Emotional Intelligence enable the participants to recognise, acknowledge their own emotions, feelings, needs, thought, and imagination of oneself and others.

The workshops include cultivation of awareness through the practice of mindfulness, recognition of relationship between thoughts and emotions, understanding and acknowledging emotions and their functions, impact of emotions on body, behaviour and health, recognising triggers and arousal states for destructive emotions such as fear, anger, anxiety and developing skills to transform destructive emotions.

The objective of our workshop is to empower participants with the knowledge and skills to develop into an Emotionally Intelligent person who has and uses a wise mind to manage their emotions with wise decision making and constructive performance in thought, action, and speech with mindfulness of self and others.

How compassion changes our brain

The "reality" we each experience as our subjective sense is dependent on our mental state(s), our mental image. Evidence now shows that perception and imagination are inherently linked to mental functions.

Through learning cultivation of compassion through a practice such as "putting oneself into the shoes of the other", we begin to use our imagination to generate an emotion which initially is contrived, however, through repeating the practice, the mental state of compassion emerges. This type of modification of our mental patterns is the science within the field of neuroscience known as neuroplasticity.

Repeated practices result in changing our neural networks in our brains. Practices such as meditation, cultivating compassion, self-compassion have repeatedly demonstrated the remarkable benefits in our health and well being.

Step by step cultivation of compassion and loving-kindness

Effortless compassion is the result of prolonged practices over a period of time. The initial practice begins with intent and imagination to achieve an intellectual understanding of the words and their meanings, the word begin to be "felt" in their meaning.

With ongoing reflection and practice, we develop a mastery of the concept and are able to implement it in our meditation practice.

Initially the feeling of compassion is invoked through deliberate effort in an action of simulation, however as our practice matures, compassion emerges naturally and spontaneously.