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Emotions and Health

Vast amounts of empirical evidence over the past few decades have shed new light on the impact of emotions upon our subjective wellbeing and health.

Destructive emotions such as immature anger has been shown to impact our immune system, blood pressure, and heart rate and also linked to both heart attacks and suppressed anger has been linked to diseases such as cancer.

Of all emotional experiences, emotions such as fear, anger, jealousy and despair are perhaps the most challenging and difficult of all experiences. However, these emotions do not necessarily need to be destructive, but used to learn from and grow through them.

The Symran course helps us to first recognise that difficult emotions are in fact a natural part of our lives and we not need to condemn them or run away from them, but cultivate skilful ways to respond to difficult emotions rather than allow them to torment and devastate others and us.

The Symran course helps to identify the three errors that many suffer from

  1. Judging or condemning certain emotions as evil or bad
  2. Suppressing, ignoring or pushing away painful emotions out of awareness. (Through distraction, unhealthy use of alcohol, drugs etc)
    Dyslexathymia- when we are out-of-touch from our emotions.
  3. Fuelling, inflaming or indulging in destructive emotions e.g. replaying feelings of resentment towards those who may have hurt you, fantasising revenge etc.

Rather than suppressing or indulging in difficult emotions, the Symran course provides us an ability to explore and learn from these natural feedback mechanisms, ensuring that we have a better understanding of our emotions, thereby learning how to release and transform them and use them effectively and appropriately. This is the basis of emotional wisdom.