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Mindfulness for Diabetes

Mindfulness for Diabetes is a series of four (4) one-day workshops designed specifically to help people with diabetes.

The Mindfulness for Diabetes workshops is available both as one-day workshop and 3-day weekend retreat. The programs are designed to help in four distinct ways:-

The first workshop introduces how the psychological and emotional states such as stress, anxiety, fear, guilt and anger not only impact diabetes, but how these states significantly increase the risk of complications, especially, CHD, High Blood Pressure, IRS (insulin resistance syndrome), stroke to mention but a few.

The first workshop introduces immediate impact through practical mindfulness to stop the “threat-psychological states” (Fight, flight or Freeze)

  • Reduce and stopping harmful psychological states and cultivate healthy mind state

Stress and anxiety are associated with our threat cycle or the flight-freeze-fight cycle. During the flight-freeze-fight cycle our body chemistry and physiology change, which is harmful to people with diabetes.

Mindfulness for Diabetes enables you to learn how to “come out” of the harmful threat cycle, empowering you with a key to recognise, alter and maintain your own mental and emotional health.

You will quickly discover how relaxed, rested and restored you feel once you are out of this harmful and unhealthy psycho-physiological state which most people in the modern fast paced world live in.

  • Repair and restore healthy psychological and emotional states

Once you begin your practice, you are likely to notice its impact almost immediately. The second Workshop of Mindfulness for Diabetes enables you to further cultivate, deepen and maintain this healthy state of mind as part of everyday life.

The second workshop includes mindful eating and weight management, with some light mindful activities such as mindful walking, light yoga or Chi Kung exercises.

The third Mindfulness for Diabetes Workshop is based upon the latest findings in cultivating psychological states which are known to enhance immunity, increase sense of well being and improve overall health and quality of life.

  • Reinforce and re-energize Initiate healthy emotional states to strengthen the body’s immune system, overall well being and improve quality life and health.

The fourth Mindfulness for Diabetes Workshop builds on individual experiences of the previous programs for participants by exploring the impact of having a chronic illness such as diabetes on identity, sense of self, life, death and aspects of individual meaning