The Human Model - Human Evolution

Psychology is based on assumptions of being human. In everyday life we perceive our reality to be our physical self and material reality we encounter in our existence. However, we are all aware that we have an inner world, a world of thoughts, emotions, intention, memories, intellect and desires.

Psychologist such as Freud, Carl Jung, Maslow, Rogers have all contributed greatly to Psychology providing models of human beings and their development , however these models only address the intellectual layer and the emotional layer of our “identity” and have yet to one additional layer which needs to be recognised and ultimately known, the layer of our Being.

The Symran course is based on the human model that has four distinct yet interrelated layers, the physical layer (our body), the thinking layer (mental), the feeling layer (emotions) and the fourth layer our Being, who You Are!  Another name for Truth, nameless, beyond thought, emotion, neither the body, nor intelligence, nor emotional, but Existential, Truth the experience of You as that which is.   

Everyday life has conditioned us into accepting a “reality” of consisting at best of only three layers, predominantly focused on the body and intellect, but suppressing and repressing the third layer of intuition, feelings and emotions.
The third layer, one of intuition, emotions, dreams is feared by society as it is alive, irrational, unpredictable and beyond the control of the intellect our calculating and manipulating mind. However, with modern technology even this layer is now manipulated through NLP via 24/7 news and information on “demand”. Now through the manipulation of thoughts the marketers and advertisers have learned to generate emotional response or triggers, which give rise to predictable behaviour. The politician, priest and now the marketer have easily used the second layer of intellect to dominate.

Even psychology is split between these two layers of intellect and emotion. Psychoanalysis focuses on dissection and analysis, while Psychosynthesis focuses on the second layer of feelings, emotions, desires and dreams, it’s focus is a synthesis of our psyche into some sort of a harmonious sense of self.

Our identification with the first three layers is what is meant by the word Ego. (Haumai – I-am asserted).