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Spirituality and Transformation

Spirituality is a difficult concept to define; one thing is absolutely clear, religion is not the same as spirituality. One way of achieving a perspective on spirituality is to consider the following definition.

  • Spirituality can be defined as a search for the sacred, although this process may be the sanctification of external objects, authentic spirituality is the recognition of the sacred within oneself.

Spirituality is a way of being and experiencing that comes from an awareness of a transcendental dimension of life and a growing awareness of a connectedness in regards to self, others, nature and Existence. The paradox of this awakening is both Transcendental yet deeply interconnected.

Transcendence Connectedness
The meaning of life A sense of interconnection to Existence
The sacredness of life and sanctification Connectedness within group (e.g humanity)
Collective Consciousness Common purpose

All human beings evolve and grow as part of Existence, it’s a natural process of life. The human being is composed of four distinct levels, the physical level, the mental (also called intellectual, memory, intention: what we think) level, the emotional (feelings, intuition, dreams etc: what we feel) level and finally the being (spiritual) level, who YOU ARE!

Inner changes and spiritual experiences are an important facet of human development and is a life long process. Unfortunately modern society supports only supports preconvention to conventional development in individuals, but complete neglects and even opposes transpersonal or post conventional development.

Without appropriate support for these significant post conventional development that people go through leave many with unanswered questions, a host psychological concerns and a sense of being “out of sync” with the rest of society.

As a result of deliberate neglect over the past few decades our modern societies have little experience or support mechanisms for transpersonal psychological changes people experience. This can leave many people feeling disconnected, questioning their sanity, feeling depressed, isolated, and left feeling unsupported especially when previous life anchors no longer have the same meaning and the veil of illusion starts to fall. To make matters worse modern medicine is fast to prescribe anti-depressants, mood enhances and other powerful psychoactive toxic chemicals to “fix” or more often sedate the individual.

In the past every society and culture had access to individuals who had the appropriate knowledge, wisdom and experience called by many names including shamans, medicine men/women, elders, mystics etc.

The shamans and mystics of all ancient wisdom traditions played a key role in provision of psycho-spiritual therapy.

Transpersonal (post conventional) growth can be triggered in many ways including Near-death-experience, death of a loved individual, life threatening illness, child-birth, peak-experiences, divorce, a personal epiphany, sitting alone in nature, etc. 

Most recent psychological studies have revealed that transpersonal changes including spiritual/ identity crisis can result in self development and growth with a far beyond what was thought to be the limits of health and normality.

The Discovering authentic-self Symran course has been specifically designed to provide a supportive framework and the tools to make the process of inner changes and personal growth possible.  

Having discovered ones own Self  through experiential inner changes and transformation, gives rise to many benefits including;-

  • Spiritual coherence that helps in finding meaningfulness in life including a sense of serenity and tranquillity

Creativity and expression, the ability to express ones creative positive energy through actions, thoughts and words, this can include altruism, acts of compassion, kindness willingness and commitment to life style changes such as not harming animals, etc.

Spiritual growth becomes evident to oneself and others, individuals realise, recognise and understand many aspects of their “self”, including patterns of thought, emotions and most importantly, as sense of their own divine essence.

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