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Davinder Singh Panesar


Those who have learned to swim in a paddling pool cannot teach you how to navigate the oceans. Personal experience and authenticty, are the hall mark of authentic mindfulness teaching.

Dav is a highly experienced and specialist in mindfulness-based psychotherapy with over 20 years of experience in developing, teaching and working with mindfulness, and mindfulness-based approaches and models within the health, voluntary and the private sector with great success.

His extensive research, study and practical applications of mindfulness from healing the root causes of depression, anxiety and traumatic stress to integrating it successfully within businesses has made him one of the leading experts in mindfulness based approaches to health, work, education and business.

His ground-breaking and innovative mindfulness-based programme for businesses, Stress Management through Mindfulness (Mindfulness based business management, MBBM), a bespoke course to help business owner managers was offered by Coventry University in 1998-1999.

As the founder and Chairman of Financial Services Net Limited (2000-2010), he uniquely and successfully introduced mindfulness to his businesses. His unique mindfulness based business model was based on creating an "Aware" company through awakened and aware human beings within the company which like its employees is healthy, holistic, symbiotic and sustainable. In 2010, acquired his company Financial Services Net Limited from him and his partners.

His latest post-graduate education and research in "Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology" at Liverpool John Moore University 2007-2009, enabled him to successfully integrate mindfulness with transpersonal psychology.

Once again his innovative approach of combining Mindfulness based approaches such as MBCT, MBSR with transpersonal psychology (Mindfulness and transpersonal based therapy) has demonstrated to be highly effective in addressing depression, anxiety, stress and disease induced stress and anxiety.

His personal interest in combining practices from Eastern wisdom traditions with modern developments in the fields of emotional and psychological transformation has made him and his courses unique and highly effective in dealing with mental illness such as anxiety, depression and emotional traumas.

His groundbreaking combination of tried and tested techniques from many wisdom traditions with cognitive experiential learning exercises has produced profound results in self-transformation and personal growth, and has won him the respect of many health professional, doctors and business leaders.

Dav works on the principal of "inner transformation and outer expression".

He is an active board member of several charities and businesses. He is a regular speaker and guest on many radio and TV prgrammes and a keynote speaker on the International stage in his specialist subjects of mindfulness, Gurmat psychology and applications of mindfulness-based models especially in work and business.

He now works as a mindfulness consultant for businesses and offers private therapy, run self-transformation retreats and teaches internationally.

His ongoing research into spirituality has resulted in life-long friendships and respect across the world including Shamans & healers from Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Spain as well as mystics and enlightened beings from India, Nepal and Tibet.

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