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Desires and Motivations

If you had to choose one desire what would that be?  Most likely it’s the desire to be happy, something that is shared with almost everyone.

However, although everyone wishes for happiness, most people suffer from the mistaken ideas as to what actually brings happiness. To make matters worse, once we “believe” that a particular person, or possession, fame or fortune will bring us happiness, we become attached to them.

Attachment or craving are nothing les than an addiction, in fact, at least a heroine addict knows what they are addicted to, while most people become so attached to what they believe will bring them happiness, that their fail to realise how these attachments distort their priorities and change their behaviour. Even Western psychology and society began to realise the destructive nature of such attachments and how deeply they wrap our lives and cultures.

The Symran course helps us recognise the nature of our attachments, how attachments distort our lives and behaviour and importantly helps us recognise the underlying “belief” in our thoughts which then influences our motivation, desires and behaviour. By recognise our true and authentic desires and motivation, the Symran course helps us align ourselves with a more holistic and wholesome life style. 

So what leads to happiness? Simply take a look around yourself, the society we live in and the constant media bombardment and propaganda about the things you need to be happy!

Unfortunately, we are all taught and believe that THINGS make us happy. The more we accumulate the happier we will become is the tragic belief that leads us into a life of slavery, distress and unfulfilment.

Politicians seduce people by dangling carrots of expanding growth and wealth, while millions sacrifice their health, relationships to become rich, accumulating gadgets and possessions which ultimately will belong to another after your death and during your life fail to bring the promise of happiness.

A balanced life of inner growth and outer progress provides us with an opportunity to experince a full, happier and satisfying life.

Symran course introduces many simple and effective techniques and practices which are profoundly rewarding, not in just making us happier, but giving rise to emotions of blissfulness, joy and deep satisfaction with ones life.