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The Symran Workshop®

Uncovering your own path for personal and spiritual transformation

The Symran Workshops® is a series of 12 powerful ground breaking transformative experiential learning workshops, grounded in Mindfulness and Transpersonal psychology (the process of self-actualization and self-realization) all designed to empower you and provide you with both the understanding and experience a deeper sense self, peace, joy, clarity and discover your authentic sacred self.

The Symran Workshops are based on the seven perennial aspects essential for our transformation towards a harmonious, natural and spontaneous way of being.

Each workshop introduces techniques and understanding for the cultivation and deepening of each aspect through practice and discussion

  • Identifying "you" & uncovering your potential
  • Understanding and knowing the nature of our Mind, calming our Mind and training the mind- Meditation – mindfulness & sound meditation
  • Discover and applying our values and ethics in life
  • Unveiling the sacred within & sacred vision
  • Emotional wisdom & intelligence, transforming destructives emotions
  • Spiritual Intelligence discovering meaning, wisdom and purpose
  • "Being" - Expression, intention, creativity

The combination of intellectual, emotional and spiritual work provides a holistic approach to resolving life's problems, deepening relationship and finding harmony in life.

The awareness generated during this course is particularly profound and of long lasting value because it is self-discovered as opposed to being taught.