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Gurmat Psycho-spiritual Therapy

Gurmat, (Gur = enlightened, Mat = psychology or understanding or wisdom), is the teaching of those who have experienced the ineffable nature of self-realization. Gurmat is an advanced psycho-spiritual and practical approach to understanding self and provides psycho-spiritual therapy in the sense that it has a clear understanding as how the conditioned mind “Ego”, (Haumai - sense of self-representation) is central to creating psychological and emotional suffering (Dukh/Kalesh) and offers practical self-empowering solutions to the alleviation of suffering.

Gurmat represents the wisdom of the enlightened. It may also be translated as psychology of the enlightened and is, known as Gurmat Marg (path towards enlightened). Gurmats highly sophisticated understanding of the mind, consciousness, human function and suffering (Dukh and Kalesh) provides range of contemplative mindfulness or awareness based practices (as a lifestyle) designed to alleviate psychological and emotional suffering and provide direct experience Present moment, but also experience the sacred Presence in moment by moment unfolding experience of life.

While modern society may have advanced its understanding about the universe, matter, physics, biology and every other subject under the sun, yet most are totally ignorant of actually who they really are. Unfortunately, the dominant current worldview being foisted upon the masses does not allow for this question to be addressed in any subjective meaningful way, but focused upon a body-centric understanding of “who you are”!.

In order to begin to understand oneself, one needs to acknowledge their own subjective experience as their authority, as opposed to being taught what to think about their self.

It is of critical importance to recognize the profound understanding within Eastern wisdom traditions that are based upon subjective experience stretching over several thousand years which provide not only a clear understanding of human psychology and function, but provide clear for self development and human evolution towards self-actualization and self-realization.

The Eastern traditions such as Buddhism or Sikhi have focused upon enabling individuals to understand who they are at the level of the mind (mann), ego (Haumai), awareness (Surt), consciousness (Chit/Purekh) and ones interaction within existence. In contrast so called “modern science” such as psychology that have yet to understand the mind, ego, awareness and consciousness let alone define these terms.

The starting point is in this process is to discover about Being or presence and not just psychological exploration as modern western paradigms generally understand. Western psychology is in its infancy compared to these highly advanced psycho-spiritual self-realisation traditions that have produced consistent results over several thousand years, unlike the products and exponent of European enlightenment which is limited in its knowledge and understanding of mind, ego, awareness, consciousness and existence. Gurmat, like Buddhist and other Indic mythos are rooted in a different matrix, including a different mapping of mind, body & consciousness.

The focus of the Gurmat way of life is to improve quality of life for oneself as well as practically contribute to existence.


theen avasathhaa kehehi vakhiaan ||
They (Vedas) describe and explain the three states of mind

thureeaavasathhaa sathigur thae har jaan ||1||
but the fourth state, is known only through the True Guru.
maeree maeree kar geae than dhhan kalath n saathh ||
Crying out, ""Mine! Mine!"", they have departed, but their bodies, their wealth, and their wives did not go with them.