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Mindfulness Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology (MSTP)

Over the past two decades Western psychology and health care has recognized the profound healing qualities of mindfulness in dealing with depression, stress, anxiety, chronic pain, ADHD and associated disorders.

Over the past 18+ years of personal meditation practice, as well as the teachings from meditation teachers combined with thousands of hours of mindfulness teaching across a variety of cultures, we have discovered that practice of mindfulness will awaken participants to their own "spirituality", connecting to something bigger than themselves.

Spirituality has different meanings to different people; perhaps a sense of "sacredness" may be a more apt description. For those who have religious practices, we have discovered that mindfulness inevitably deepens their connection to their faith.

Mindfulness and meditation are found as the core component in all spiritual and religious traditions, yet in the West mindfulness is confined only to health care without any connotations with spirituality and self-development.

Keeping in mind the inevitable impact of mindfulness on one's sense of self and spirituality, we have designed specific elements with our courses to incorporate appropriate elements of transpersonal psychology with mindfulness.

What it's all about

There are numerous types of life events which can have profound impact on our identity such as, peak experiences, child birth, love or experiences like NDE's (near death experiences) death, terminal illness, etc. Individuals can undergo profound changes to their self-image, their place in the universe, purpose in life to name but a few.

However, unfortunately, mainstream Western psychology has only just begun to recognize spirituality within the context of well being and health. Prior to development of transpersonal psychology as a discipline many experiences associated with self-realization, ego-transcendence or spiritual /mystical experiences may simply be diagnosed as mental illness.

Transpersonal psychology is not a specific set of beliefs or a religion, but rather an orientation that is complementary and inclusive rather than exclusive and divisive in providing support for participants' belief systems and practices. Although the core of our programmes is mindfulness-based, they also offer transpersonal counseling and support.