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Introduction to Mindfulness

If you are new to mindfulness then this concise workshop is designed to introduce both the understanding and the experiential nature of mindfulness.

Meditation for beginners introduces the practice of mindfulness meditation through guided practices, brief talks and discussions.

Typical Course Content*

  • 1. General introduction to meditation and mindfulness
  • 2. Knowing the nature of your mind and ego-complex:
    • Conciousness awareness attention
    • Review of mindfulness and mindlessness
    • Identification of instances of mindfulness and mindlessness
  • 3.Basic meditation techniques:
    • Introduction to meditation
    • Working with sensations, breath, emotions and sound
    • Getting to know your mind
    • Discussion of practice on Observing Your Mind and its applications
  • 4. Intention, attention and attitude:
    • Discovering the breath
    • Anchors for awareness
    • Developing practice on breathing
    • Cultivating attitudes
  • 5. Transforming unhealthy mental states to healthy mental states
  • 6. Being in the present moment
  • 7. Nonjudgmental acceptance

*Subject to change depending upon workshop, course or retreat.