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Symran > Mindfulness Research & Guides > Human Evolution > Haumai or Ego (Conceptualised Self)

Being, what does it mean?

The Human being is perhaps the most remarkable part of creation, an expression of life that can appreciate life and give rise to life. The human being is profoundly resilient, inventive, caring, loving, compassionate, forgiving individual, who against all odd has the capacity to standing up to the most violent oppression and tyranny the ego can throw at itself or another.

The human life is sacred beyond comprehension, yet the veil of our mind keeps us from know a truth that is within us all. Truth is, our identification with the mind and our emotions keep us from knowing this Truth within us, simply learn to dis-identify with the content of our minds and emotions, our essential essence simply manifests. Just as the starts disappear when the sun rise.

We live in our "heads", in either thinking out future fantasies or replaying the past. In this process life simply passes us by until one day you either come across this here, or you may wake up when you ve drawn in your last breath, just to realise you've missed the point of your life, your life has been wasted chasing fantasies which neither manifested in the experience you wished for, nor did they last. Your priceless jewel of life has been sold for a mere shell!

The purpose of human life is to know yourself or self-realisation. Being, knowing of our essential essence.

Human being can be viewed consisting of four distinct parts, the first is our physical body, the second is mental (intellectual), the third is emotional (feelings, intuition, dreams), the fourth is existential. With the body we act, with the second mental (mind) we think, with the third we feel, with the fourth is WHO WE ARE. With the fourth our thinking disappears, our feeling disappears and highly joyful kind of witnessing remains, a pure consciousness, an awareness.

Being is dis-identifying from our body, thoughts and emotions and simply rest into our natural state of felt oneness with Being, a state of connectedness to an immeasurable, indestructible and profoundly peaceful part of you, that is paradoxically you and yet much greater than the individual you too!

It is a state that brings the end of suffering, where the Being is felt and known as an everlasting, ever-present, eternal beyond the tapestry of life, birth and death. Being is assessable to each and every one of us Now as our deepest self, our original nature.

This awareness can only be felt by being aware. When we are intently present in the moment of now and our awareness is completely Present, Being can be experienced, felt, known. Being can only be known by Be-ing! A continuous process of Be-coming, a new, afresh Moment of Presence Now.

Be-ing, can also be viewed as an open concept, inherently containing the potential of "be-coming Greater than is", an increasing awareness, knowing, adding to the album of Now experiences. However, after all is said and done, Awareness can only be known by becoming Aware, without tasting honey, how can we know of its taste, its sweetness?